Australia and India can swap hosting of T20 World Cup: Sunil Gavaskar comes up with interesting suggestion

Former Indian cricket team skipper Sunil Gavaskar believes that India can swap the T20 World Cup hosting with Australia and host the tournament instead of the scheduled 2021 edition amid the Coronavirus pandemic. The outbreak has resulted in all cricketing activities getting suspended around the world and it looks unlikely that Australia will be able to host this year’s edition of the tournament. Gavaskar said that India can host this year’s competition if the COVID-19 curve flattens and Australia can host the 2021 edition.

“As we all know, Australia has barred foreigners from entering the country till September 30. The tournament starts mid-October so it is looking difficult at the moment,” Gavaskar told India Today.

“Next year the T20 World Cup is in India. If India and Australia come to an agreement and the COVID-19 curve in India flattens out, they can swap. It can be held in India this October-November and next year in Australia around the same time.”The IPL too has been indefinitely postponed but there is a possibility of it being held in September.

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Gavaskar also said that the Indian Premier League (IPL) should be held before the World Cup so that the players can get some much needed practice. The tournament was postponed indefinitely amid the ongoing crisis.

“If it (T20 WC swap) happens that way, IPL is just held prior to T20 World Cup so there is enough practice for the players. Then you can have T20 World Cup in November and Asia Cup in December in UAE. December is a much better time to host a tournament in the UAE,” he concluded.

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