Bassdash Vertical Jigs Pack Luminous Slow Jigging Pitching Lures for Saltwater Fishing 3 Colors 4 Weights 110g 130g 165g 200g, 3-Pack

Price: $16.98
(as of May 27,2020 09:08:04 UTC – Details)

With special & typical design of center of gravity, it acts by both left and right pitch and has a longer staying on the jigging comma. This comma kindles the instinct of a predator, also allow the fish to bit the jig at leisure. Remember longer comma is a plus for larger fish. This jig lure simply is the one for that which is every angler’s dream.

110 grams (3-7/8 oz); Length = 160mm (6-5/16in)
130 grams (4-9/16 oz); Length = 170mm (6-11/16in)
165 grams (5-13/16 oz); Length = 185mm (7-5/16in)
200 grams (7-1/16 oz); Length = 195mm (7-11/16in)

Ideally rigged with single or double assist hooks.

The keel weighted and asymmetrical body with one thicker and heavier side and one relatively flat side give its consistent erratic actions on the fall
Two of the three jigs – Gold and Blue/pink, have luminous back sides, to better excite visual predators
Striking holographic colors and with multi-angle laser coating, ideal for reflecting light and attracting fish from a significant distance
Brilliant for a very broad range of fish species and a very broad range of fish sizes: tunas, blue fin, yellow fin, kingfish, cobia, amberjacks, jacks, bonito, snappers, groupers and more

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