CGOLDENWALL 5000g 5kg 0.01g Lab Analytical Balance Digital Precision Electronic Scale Analytical Counter Automatic Calibration Commercial Scale High Precision Output RS232 and Automatic Calibration

Price: $289.00
(as of May 03,2020 05:57:08 UTC – Details)

The YP series electronic balance has a smooth and novel appearance design, reflecting the pursuit of modern ideas. The new design makes the weighing response faster and more quickly. High stability and anti-interference. It can also be produced according to the requirements of the user. Strong flexibility is the preferred choice for field operations.

Technical Data

Capacity:20mg – 5000 g
Repeatability Error:±0.02 g
Non-linear Error:±0.02 g
Setting Time:≤3 s
Working Temperature:5°C – 40°C
Weighing Plate:160X160 mm
Power Supply:AC 110 – 240 V; DC 9 V(not include)
External power supply or DC9V battery
Counting function
Full range peeling
Unit conversions: g,kg,oz,ct,lb,gn
Applicable temperature: 5-35
Applicable moderation: 50%—85%

This digital electronic balance is an intelligent balance composed of high stability sensors and a single chip microcomputer.
The utility model solves the problems of creep and linearity caused by a resistance strain sensor.
The utility model has the functions of peeling weight, memory, counting, fault display and the like.
The utility model has the advantages of accurate weighing, fast stability, simple operation and complete function, and is suitable for rapidly determining the quality and quantity of objects in industry, agriculture, commerce, school, scientific research and other units

AC and DC dual purpose, with level, LCD backlight display, weighing reaction speed, high stability.
The sensor adopts a unique locking device to ensure that the balance plays a protective role in transportation.
System operation includes: counting function, percentage, calibration multi point selection
With unit conversion (g,kg,oz,ct,lb,gn), stability, memory function, animal weighing, full range peeling and other functions, the operation is more simple and reliable.
Built in RS 232C output interface, can be directly connected to computers, printers and other external devices.

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