energy fo life – 10Kg in 30day’s

Price: $13.13
(as of May 27,2020 13:15:03 UTC – Details)

‘Energy for Life’ is a raw and insightful reflection of Zac Lutton’s life and how he suffered and battled with depression, sex addictions, gambling, food and alcohol. Zac controlled his depression with his addictions, which he unfortunately never realised until he was completely broken. ‘Energy for Life’ helps the reader explore their emotions and assess their life by providing simple, positive steps to help them begin their road to recovery. One of the key aims of the book is to help the reader rediscover the positive attributes they thought they had lost by the power of positive thinking and a simple plan of action. Energy for Life’ gives the reader a simple, easy to understand, real life food and exercise plan that will help the reader lose 10kg in 30days. This can all be achieved without having to spend money on gimmicks or put their body through starvation or ridiculous exercise plans.

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