Growing Young: A Doctor’s Guide to the NEW Anti-Aging

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Growing Young is an action-oriented guide to evidence-based, affordable strategies to restore youthful function, energy, and appearance, and maintain vigor and vitality, for adults of any age.

This book is presents a comprehensive and reliable way to reduce chronic disease risk, and reduce the burden of health challenges. These tools and strategies are also designed to be safe for everyone.

Anti-aging has for too long been focused on expensive, questionable cosmetic approaches, rather than risk factor reduction and true wellness.

Growing Young provides the tools to take anti-aging down to the most fundamental level: our living cells, showing uniquely powerful, research based, safe strategies for restoring youthful function at the deepest levels, resulting in vibrant results that are visible within days to weeks, and which get better with each passing year.

Join readers from around the world, and experience life empowered with tools for sustainable wellness.

Marcus Gitterle, M.D. is a practicing physician at a "Top 50 Hospitals in America" hospital, and an active medical research scientist, who has pioneered the use of new techniques in tissue regeneration, infection management, and wound healing. He is a clinical partner with the US Army Institute for Surgical Research, with whom he collaborates to help advance the science of wound healing, using some of the most advanced techniques currently available. His passion is the translation of medical research date into actionable strategies that can help active people continue to thrive, regardless of their age.

He has utilized the strategies presented in Growing Young to help change the lives of individuals with serious health challenges, and has seen individuals go from being completely dependent, and wheelchair bound, to being independent, thriving, active people, using these readily available methods.

It is his hope that more and more individuals will begin to take charge of their own health destiny, taking the path of wellness, rather than the path of chronic disease, dependence, and decline.

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