How I lost 10 Kg in one month: decreasing stomach size

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how I lost 10 Kg in one month, reducing the size of my stomach naturally.
I’m an Engineer and that is why I have always thought about the cause of every problem. After several years of experience, around nutritionists, personal trainers and doctors, I realized that the cause of overweight is linked to the size of the stomach then I tried to condense all the relevant information in order to reduce this size. I acted under nutritional aspect, physical and anaerobically, in an organized way according to a very efficiently strategy.
I state that a crash diet has only downsides and it is for this reason that during my career I have acted on different manners (physical activity, particular nutrition, sauna, beauty treatments … MENTAL CONVINTION) in order to maintain an acceptable physical appearance and muscle tone.
In this ebook I’ll tell you how I personally acted in order to lose weight up to 10 Kg in about a month .

Chapter 1: I state briefly my diet and what foods I avoided during the period of weight loss; I highlight my simple technique to significantly reduce the size of my stomach bringing back some studies about it.

Chapter 2: I expose a physical problem related to overweight ," the water retention", how I fight it acting both on nutrition, both on particular physical exercises and beauty treatments.

Chapter 3: the problem of excess skin and "sagging face", how to act on several fronts to get a perfect natural facelift, minimize wrinkles and reduce dark circles.

Chapter 4: for lovers of sculpted physique, I propose the free bodyweight exercises and proper breathing, highlighting the advantages compared to weightlifting, stressful for the skeletal system;

Chapter 5: My experience with steroids, evil and deception of these substances to which they induce.

Chapter 6: The right food supplements, protein compared to amino acids.

Chapter 7: Introduction to a topic that I hope to deepen in the coming months, "Brain training"

I’ve wrote this short guide to collect all I have learned over many years of experience, I have arranged the whole thing in order to solve all the major problems related to fitness and health in general.
Good reading.

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