How to keep your Zoom meetings safe: MHA guidelines

Zoom has been facing a lot of issues as far as privacy is concerned with a lot of institutions and companies asking its employees to not use the video-calling app for meetings. However, given the current on-going lockdown situation across the globe, some people might still have to rely on Zoom for group video conferences simply for the ease and the number of people it allows in.

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The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued an advisory today asking everyone to be careful about using Zoom and also issued a bunch of guidelines for those who need to use it.  

Here are things you need to keep in mind:

— Set a new user ID and password for each meeting.

— Enable the Waiting Room feature in order to ensure that a user can enter only when the host conducting the meeting permits him to.

— Disable the ‘join before host’ feature.

— Allow screen sharing by host only.

— Disable the ‘Allow removed participants to re-join’ feature.

— Restrict file transfer option.

— Restrict recording feature.

— End the meeting and not just leaving it.

These steps will keep the basic safety requirements in place and protect you from zoom-bombers.

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