‘It will sound pathetic but it’s the truth’: Former Man City keeper Joe Hart recalls the lowest point of his career

Former Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart conceded being dropped as No.1 custodian by then new manager Pep Guardiola was the lowest point of his football career.

Guardiola brought in Claudio Bravo from Barcelona to take over goalkeeping duties as Hart became the second choice keeper behind him.

“It will sound pathetic but it’s the truth, it’s not playing and not being wanted,” Hart said on show ‘Football, Prince William and our mental health’ as per Daily Mail.

“Things happened with the new manager at Manchester City, probably the most important manager in the world.

“He didn’t even necessarily not like me, he just had a certain aspect which he didn’t feel I was up to, and it kind of dropped from there.

“It’s certainly the lowest point of my footballing career but it’s not a dark cloud,” he said.

Hart is currently with Premier League side Burnley and he is the second choice goalkeeper there as well, behind England international Nick Pope.

Hart stated he has now been dealing with his on-field struggles better and he takes it as a challenge to become the first choice keeper at his club.

“I’m comfortable with what’s going on. Yeah I’m sad, yeah I’m disappointed that I’m not playing, because I know what I want to be, I know where I should be, I know what I can bring to the game,” Hart said.

“At the moment I’m not being picked, simple as that. You know, at school, not being picked… and that’s hard.

“I feel like right now could be a real dark time for me, but it’s not, I see it as a challenge,” he added.

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