Kiran Kumar on battling Covid-19: ‘I ate in disposable utensils, binge-watched Star Trek, Hindi films’ – bollywood

Actor Kiran Kumar, who had been diagnosed with coronavirus, finally tested negative in his third test on Wednesday. The actor is now leading by an example about how he dealt with it despite living in the same house with his family.

Opening up about how he lived in isolation on a separate floor of the house, Kiran told Mumbai Mirror in an interview, “I told my wife to buy disposable utensils for me to eat in. My food would be prepared and kept on the staircase. I’d pick it up myself, eat and dispose off the plates, ensuring zero contact. I also made my own bed and cleaned the room.”

The actor spent his time by reading books and binge watching movies. “My reading choices are quite outlandish in that I believe in aliens and enjoy my Asimovs (Isaac Asimov, American writer of science fiction). I also binge-watched Star Trek, Star Wars and some Hindi films,” he said.

He also revealed how his sister cooked his favourite dishes and his children have been tending to his every need. He even praised his support staff for standing by him like a rock instead of running away after the actor tested positive for Covid-19.

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Kiran had to undergo a routine medical procedure for which, under the government’s guideline at the time, a Covid-19 test was mandatory. He tested positive during the process. Sharing the news, he had told IANS, “Corona felt like a looming, distant and scary phantom that we took every precaution to avoid and even then it found a way to enter what we thought was a completely sanitised space. Yet, here we are, dealing with it, and getting on with our lives.”

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