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The only solace many of us have in this lockdown is the fact that we are co-islolating either with friends or family members. But then there are also people , who are practising the perfect version of total self-isolation, those living by themselves and managing life without any help whatsoever from another person.

Actor Maanvi Gagroo is not one to complain about the situation as she says her life has become more disciplined now. “I don’t have the option of sitting and brooding anymore, I get up and do chores. Actually having become more disciplined about my workouts now… earlier I would say ‘I can’t go to the gym today’ or tell my trainer let’s do it tomorrow. But now there’s no excuse, I can even work out at three in the night!,” she tells us. 

Similarly, Mandana Karimi only has her dogs for company, and reveals how she almost had a ‘break down’ days into the lockdown. “There was a leakage in my kitchen, and I had to find a plumber. Luckily, I found one in our society. I had to myself cover my kitchen, remove the food since they had to break down things too. It took three hours, then I had to clean up everything. One day is dedicated to cooking, another to jhaadu-pochha, then one day to washing utensils,” says the 31-year-old.


Naturally, supplies do run out after a point, and being alone adds to the pressure. For Chandan Roy Sanyal, who’s living in Mumbai in an area which has seen a number of Covid-19 positive cases, things however have been easy. “I have been used to living on my own for a long time now. I am a light-eater, but my onions and garlic have almost run out. I had been living on that supply for a month now. I have stepped out only twice- once to buy food for my cat, and the other time to get milk. Otherwise vendors keep coming to our society,” he shares. 

For Karimi, her friends and neighbours have come to her rescue. She says that they have been grateful enough to get her basic items whenever they go out to buy groceries for their family. “Recently, without even me saying, one of my friends got me three bags of eggs, milk, bread, meat and bananas. I am staying strong and doing my best,” she adds.

Jasmin Bhasin, who loves the ‘break’ she has got from hectic shoots, says she is someone who always took care of her house, and hence had been accustomed. “I have a very disciplined lifestyle,” she continues, “I enjoy spending time with my pets at home. I have always loved being home and taking care of the things. Buying groceries and other things fortunately is not a problem as I can call and get them, I don’t have to step out.”


Arti Singh laughs when she mentions the way she and brother, comedian Krushna Abhishek interact with each other nowadays. They stay two minutes apart from each others’ house. “The first week I was like, I love cooking, so I will enjoy, but after that, I cook only one day, then the washing work the next day and so on. I am so busy all day still. I am connected with my family, that support is there. Every evening, I see Krushna coming out in his balcony downstairs which is visible from mine, and we see each other!,” she reveals. 

For Sanyal, however, things are a bit tense, as his father living in Delhi has a kidney problem. “Because of the lockdown, he makes his way to the hospital with problems in transportation,” he says.

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