Make Money Now Online – Site Stealer Shows You How to Learn From the Best

Site Stealer is one of the best make money online products of 2007 to hit the market. It can help you to make a lot more money on the internet if you apply the principles in the book to your internet business.

The two real strengths of this book are:

1. You learn from the best in the internet marketing game. THE quickest way to succeed in any area of business online or offline is to find someone who’s an expert in your area and to copy them. And this is just what Site Stealer teaches you to do. So don’t worry about the products’ name or the marketing that suggests it’s associated with Sal the Site Stealer, everything in the book is legal. Not only that but it’s used by all the internet marketing gurus to make money online fast.

2. It’s incredibly cheap ($47 at the time of writing) and it massively over delivers. Not only do you get an e-book that’s crammed full of information (no fluff here!) but you get a load of videos and excellent bonuses. Sal has already put the prices up once and is likely to do so again and again, so if you’re at all interested check it out soon!

The techniques in this book will benefit beginners and experts in the field of internet marketing and making money online. It helps if you already have some basic marketing skills under your belt, but there’s stuff in the book you can apply to your first online project. The material is divided up into 5 levels so you can apply more and more advanced techniques as you grow your online business.

The core of the book is to make money online by duplicating what the best internet marketing web pages and sites are doing. You aren’t actually stealing, but you are learning from the owners of these top selling sites. The owners are also the leaders in internet marketing and the methods in the book are completely legal.

The techniques you’ll learn from Site Stealer have been used by numerous offline business e.g. Blockbuster copying the McDonalds model, Dell Computers learning from supermarkets like Wal Mart, and so on… In fact this has been going on almost as long as business itself. Site Stealer gives you detailed instructions for doing this in the field of internet marketing. You’re going to get loads of “why didn’t I think of that” moments!

Some of the things you’ll learn are:

* How to identify successful sites you can get ideas from to apply to increase your business profits. There’s even a list of sites to get started on straight away!

* How to go behind the site and learn from the wheels that keep successful businesses turning over huge profits.

* How the gurus actually make money online fast when they need to

* Easy to understand video tutorials that will really help you to understand how to steal from sites.

* A load of other bonuses that will help you to develop your business. These are really useful bonuses. The author has even gone to the trouble of linking from the e-book to the videos and bonuses to make it real easy for you to learn and apply what is being taught.

* Some excellent unannounced bonuses.

* Regular updates as the site stealer website is being expanded with new hints and tips.


This is a great package, at low price. It will still be good value for money after the next few prices rises. Site Stealer is based on the timeless principle of learning from the best by taking it, modifying it and re-using it! It is the fastest way to make money now online.

Source by Kevin J. John

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