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NEW DELHI: As the nation continues to fight against coronavirus, India’s boxing legend Mary Kom on Monday saluted the country’s frontline workers, who are putting themselves at risk in order to save human lives, for their commendable job.

“If you are not taking care of your health, then it is your loss. The government is also spreading awareness regarding COVID-19 and also medical staff, doctors, police are risking their lives to save us, which is commendable,” Mary said.

“I salute them for what they are doing. They are working for us and for our country,” she added.

The six-time world champion is also looking at the positives of the nationwide lockdown, saying that she is getting a lot of time to spend with her family and urged people to support the government in combating the deadly virus.

“See, there is a benefit also of this lockdown. We athletes rarely get time to spend with family, which we are getting now, although (Olympic) Games and events have been postponed due to this,” she said.

“It is important to stay home to be safe. The government is also urging the people to stay home. So utilise the time properly, do training, spend time with family, be fit and support the government in fighting out this virus,” Kom added.

Despite the lockdown, Mary stated that she is still working out to maintain her fitness.

“I make sure I train once a day for sure. I always do my training whether there is any sports event or not,” she said.

Backing the International Olympic Committee’s decision to postpone the 2020 Tokyo Olympics until next year, Mary said: “In this situation, we should not play in my opinion. The decision, which has been taken by the IOC and the experts, is good.

“Athletes, who were in peak, can be in peak again. It is not a big deal, I feel.”

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