Minister caught swearing ‘can’t take criticism’

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Media captionAMs could be seen laughing after the Welsh health minister swore during the Senedd meeting

Wales’ health minister “has to go” because he “can’t take criticism”, Plaid Cymru has said.

Vaughan Gething was caught on microphone swearing about his Labour colleague Jenny Rathbone in Wednesday’s Senedd video conference session.

Mr Gething has since apologised to the Cardiff Central assembly member.

But Plaid’s Cymru’s Helen Mary Jones told the BBC “co-operative” leaders were needed during the coronavirus crisis.

Ms Rathbone had been asking Mr Gething about government performance on coronavirus testing and protective kit.

Speaking to Emma Barnett on BBC Five Live, Ms Jones said: “At one level it’s funny, and those images of us all reacting are quite amusing.

“But his attitude to being scrutinised, his attitude to being asked questions about what he’s doing, makes him a really problematic figure.

“And this was true before the crisis. But in this crisis we need senior leaders to be cooperative.”

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National Assembly for Wales

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Vaughan Gething, pictured before he swore about a colleague, had been taking part in a virtual Senedd session

Ms Jones said she was not making a “party political point at all”.

She said Mr Gething’s conduct was “in sharp contrast for example to the Welsh Economy Minister [Ken Skates] who started his statement yesterday afternoon by thanking all the opposition politicians who had brought cases to him, who had showed him where the problems are”.

“And Vaughan Gething doesn’t react like that, he doesn’t react like that to scrutiny,” she said.

“And that’s why we’ve called for him to go, not because of the swear word but because of what the swear word is emblematic of, what it shows you about the person, and it’s a person who can’t take criticism”.

The Conservatives in the assembly have also called for Mr Gething to be sacked.

The Welsh Government has been asked to respond.

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