Neena Gupta asks why women are expected to be perfect: ‘Women never have gas, acidity, they do not burp’ – bollywood

Neena Gupta has raised the issue of women living under the pressure of being the perfect beings at all times. Drawing attention to a particular topic, the actor has asked why only men have the right to fart in public while women are not expected to do the same.

Neena shared a video on Instagram with the caption, “Aurton ko gas nahi hoti (women never get gas).” She also credited her staff for capturing the video for her.


She begins the video by putting it as a fact, “Women never have gas, they never have acidity, they do not burp.” Talking about women who have been busy cooking for their families at home during lockdown, she says, “There is not much to do during lockdown. We end up eating a bit extra at times. Women have been preparing special dishes for their children and sometimes eat extra food as well. In such a situation, you fart as well. Why can’t women fart? Why can’t they burp? Why can’t they sit however they want to sit? It seems only men have this right. We women also have this right. If you wan’t to take out the gas, what’s the big deal? Men do it out in the open. Women try to control it or go in a corner to do it. Why? This is my question. Do it. What else will you do? Will you live in discomfort?”

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Her fans also agreed with her and came out in her support. A fan reacted, “Good one ! I just love your thoughts , so real !.” Another commented, “As simple as that :).” One more wrote, “So cute you are!! And veryy true!! People should normalize all this!”

Neena is currently staying with her husband at their house in Mukteshwar. They had travelled to the mountains for a short holiday but had to stay put due to lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak.

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