Salman Khan Father Salim Khan Admits To Taking Walks In Public During Lockdown | I Have Permit



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Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan has said that he has been taking walks during the lockdown. He says that the walks are for health reasons and that he has a permit, but people still pick on him because he is a celebrity. He points that he sees many people strolling about but no one reports them.

Salim Khan Admits To Taking Walks During Lockdown

Talking to Pinkvilla, Salim admitted, “I have been advised by the doctors to continue my walks as I have lower back issues. I have been walking for the last 40 years and the doctor has told me if I stop suddenly, it might affect my back more.”

He continued, “Moreover, I have the pass issued by the government till April 30, and I am following all the norms possible. It is only on medical grounds, that I am allowed to take a walk outside. I am a law-abiding citizen but people tend to pick on us, given that we are celebrities. I am not the only one who walks around. There are so many people I see, who are strolling with their pets. But no one reports them! Anyway, I am ensuring I take all safety measures and also, I hope everyone else does too.”

Salman Khan is currently stuck at his Panvel farmhouse as he could not make his way back home before the lockdown. The actor has been spreading awareness about the virus through his social media, and has also been sharing cheering posts on communal harmony and life at his farmhouse.

In one of the videos he posted, he shared how he has not seen his father in three weeks and that he is scared.

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