The method that I that it was not readily got thinner got thinner more than 10 kg

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My weight that had learned some muscular workout and martial arts regularly was approximately 65 kg at the time when I worked. Exhibition did quality that became unnecessary for auction after it quitted the work. In addition, I wrote and kept gamebooks (I publish it as kindle book a lot. That the Japanese edition author name is Sゲームブッカー). Then I have gained weight to approximately 83.5 kg while I played the TV game of the favorite open world system. I kept 65 kg or less till then. I thought, "it was really easy for that I gained weight though it was difficult to get thinner".

The method that is got thinner consisting of short 12 chapters. I of the 38 years old man who has gained weight to approximately 83.5 kg show the thin method! I recommend it to a person in hope of a person, health and the longevity that want to diet.

There is the Japanese edition, too.The title is "なかなか痩せられなかった私が10kg以上痩せた方法".

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