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The last time that actor Tom Cruise was publicly seen with his daughter was in 2013, and that too may have been a photo-op, if reports are to be believed. Cruise’s daughter, Suri, is now 14 years old.

According to multiple reports, Cruise is in fact forbidden from meeting his daughter, as she does not belong to the Church of Scientology. Former church member Samantha Domingo told US Weekly in 2019, “Maybe he did it for a photo op to make it seem like he was connected so he wouldn’t be criticised.” The church, however, vehemently denied her assertions.

Cruise sued a media giant for reporting that he had abandoned his daughter. But in the deposition, he admitted that Scientology was one of the reasons why his ex-wife, Suri’s mom Katie Holmes, had filed for divorce. According to a HuffPost report, Cruise “exploded in anger when asked if Holmes left him in part to protect Suri from Scientology.”

The actor responded by calling the question ‘offensive’, saying, “there is no need to protect my daughter from my religion.” But when lawyers pressed him, he said, “Did she say that? That was one of the assertions, yes.”



Cruise also admitted that Suri is no longer a practising member of Scientology, which the HuffPost report called “a huge admission since anyone who leaves the faith is considered a ‘Suppressive Person’ and is cut off from all members of the church, including their immediate family.”

Asked if both his ex-wife and daughter are considered Suppressive Persons, Cruise said in the deposition, “That is a distortion and a simplification of the matter. I don’t want to just give an oversimplification of religious doctrine.”

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According to a 2016 report on Fox News, Cruise lost touch with Suri when she was seven. “If he wanted to see her, he could see her,” one source told New York Post in June, 2016. “Even people in prison have a right to see their children.”

In June, 2017, a source told In Touch that Cruise refused to meet Suri on Father’s Day even though he was just 23 miles away. “Tom could have easily made the trip to see Suri. It only takes about 30 minutes without traffic,” the source said. “It would’ve only added a few hours to his busy schedule.”

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