Ultralight and Comfortable: The politically incorrect guide to becoming an ultralight bad-ass!

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Ultralight and comfortable is a book about becoming an ultralight backpacking badass! Making the journey from heavy-miserable (tradition hiker) to ultralight wizard and having a shit load of fun along the way. This book is in no way politically correct or suitable for kids. This is about my journey and my experiences as well as a how to guide for people not wanting to make the same mistakes as I have.

About this book

After getting some feedback on the first draft of this book, I realized how important it was to give a better picture of myself and the purpose of this book in order to truly understand and enjoy what I write. To be honest, the main purpose of this book is to poke a dead fish with a stick. In other words to have fun at someone else’s expense. That someone else being the traditional gear manufacturers, hikers and mainstream gear shops. I wrote this book for you, the reader to have a good laugh and hopefully learn something along the way. This book is not meant to be a balanced, politically correct account about how to enjoy the outdoors; there are plenty of those books. This book is vulgar, offensive and skewed hard towards my own values and ideals.

With that said, I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have had writing it. This book was a passion product that I got inspired to write after making a 115-kilometer hike in Northern Sweden along the infamous Kingstrail. I noticed many things that really got my mind moving and I could not help myself but to laugh at other people’s expense. Then I thought, why not try to help. I met countless hikers along the trail that had thousands and thousands of dollars of gear, yet you could tell they all wanted to kill themselves. Many couldn’t even walk after the third day of hiking because the weight of their packs had destroyed their knees and thighs.

My own experience in hiking starts and continues here in Sweden, you will notice throughout this book that I talk a lot about what works for me, here in Sweden in this climate and environment. Also, I wrote this book as a three season primer, meaning I don’t take winter hiking into account as that is a completely different subject manner on it’s own, possibly one I will tackle in a later book. I am American by birth and raised in Hawaii and California before migrating here to piss weather Sweden 15 years ago.

My blog ultralightandcomfortable.com is a mix between a Hiking and photography blog. You can find a lot of gear reviews there as well as Photo galleries.

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