Unforgettable gems: Bollywood actors who died due to cancer | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Cancer, a disease that kills over 10 million people every year, strikes indiscriminately, neither looking at fame nor money – even affecting some of the most popular celebrities across the globe. In Bollywood itself, there are plenty of well-known names who have succumbed to the disease, like Feroz Khan, Nargis Dutt, Vinod Khanna, and more. And with the heaviest heart, we are compelled to add Irrfan Khan’s name to the list after he passed away on April 29, sending shock waves across Indian film industry. The actor had been battling with cancer since 2018. This day, as we pay our respects to the actor’s family, let’s take out a few minutes to remember our stars who passed away due to cancer.

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