What’s a World Without Sharing What You Know?

I am fairly new to social bookmarking and already I am a big fan and must have posted more than 100 links of interesting articles, videos, images regarding news, technology, tourism etc., on various bookmarking sites.

When I was newly introduced to these sites by a friend of mine, I was not sure if would be interested to be hooked on to these sites. But after seeing the kind of response I got on links submitted by me as well as links submitted by other people, I somehow found it interesting.

Though I am not very technical about what a bookmarking site is all about, their advantages and disadvantages and the purpose of bookmarking, I just enjoy doing so.

I have been searching for top bookmarking sites on Google to see how many bookmarking sites are there. Some of the sites don’t work, some have stopped their registration, and some you sign in but don’t get registration confirmation and so on.

Here are some of the sites I would like to share which I find is easy to register, submit a post, vote and comment.

  1. Digg: Most popular social news site on internet. It is very easy to use and newbie can get wide verity of topics
  2. Mixx: Easy to register and post the links you like to share among the communities.
  3. Diggo: In addition to nailing the basics in social bookmarking, there are many features here that give this system huge value whether or not it ever builds a network effect from a large number of users.
  4. Delicious: popular site I use my yahoo id to log in
  5. Reddit: Very plain design easy to use. One of the most popular social bookmarking site you can use to get good traffic.
  6. Newsvine: News sit which is set up like news paper. Apart form submit, vote and comment article user can write articles also.
  7. Clipmarks: easy to register also can down clipmarks tool for your browser which makes it easy to share the links.

There are many other sites which are good and easy to use and some are equally painful to register having many mandatory fields which I don’t really think is required for registration.

Source by Ajay M

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