Why Did Esha Gupta Drop Out Of Her Law Course From England



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Did you know that Esha Gupta was studying law from the Newcastle University, England? In a recent tete-a-tete with a leading daily, actress Esha Gupta made some unknown revelations about her studies and career. Esha wasn’t prepared for entering into showbiz initially. However, her first photoshoot for Kingfisher grabbed many eyeballs and gave her confidence to try her luck in the film industry.

While speaking about dropping out of her law course, Esha told HT, “I had completed the whole course except the last semester. I left because my mom had cancer and I had to come back to India at that time. I wanted to be with my mom as we didn’t know what’s going to happen.”


“That year went really bad for us as a family because she had two tumours in her brain. It was very hard, only a person who’s going through cancer and the family can empathise as one has to go through chemo and keep going to the doctor, at times it comes back,” added the Raaz 3 actress.

Esha further revealed that she did a Kingfisher calendar shoot in 2010 and soon, she started getting calls from everyone, saying that she has a commercial face and she should try for movies.

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“I didn’t know what that meant until I did my acting course while staying at my cousin’s house. This was all while my mother was still getting treated. I did meetings and got my first break in a film. That’s the only reason I could not complete my studies.”

Is Esha keen to complete her studies which she had to leave owing to a personal crisis? The Rustom actress said, “I recently thought of going back and getting my degree before the lockdown but then I realised ‘Oh my God, law is not easy’. It’s not something where my mind is right now but maybe when I’m older and settled, I’ll try to do it then.”

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