Will Affiliate Marketing Be Your New Home Business?

Have you ever dreamed about being your own boss? Have you ever thought you could be successful working on your own at home in your own business? I am sure you have considered the possibility of supplementing your present income or maybe even totally replacing it. Maybe you really dislike your boss or the structured hours required at your present job and would like to “fire your boss.” If this is you, what is holding you back? Is it lack of a few dollars needed to start your business? Are you nervous about the potential loss of security if you leave your present job?

We will deal with those fears in a few minutes. First let’s look at self-employment possibilities. Some Internet businesses are fairly easy to get into. One of the easiest is Affiliate Marketing. You can break into Affiliate Marketing with little or no money. If you already have a computer with an Internet connection and a few basic software applications you will be ready to get going. There are some additional items that may be desired, but are not really required initially.

Affiliate Marketing possibilities fall into two major categories: You can sell products or you can sell services. Where you want to start is a matter of personal preference. Remember that with Affiliate Marketing you are going to be selling products and services of others so you have nothing to create or stock.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to break into Internet marketing because of the low cost of start-up and no stock requirement. What you will be doing is marketing the products and services of others and earning a commission on your sales. There is an enormous demand for the marketing services that you will be providing. Companies looking for Affiliate Marketers run from the large well-known companies to the smaller lesser-known firms. Even companies like Amazon and eBay have affiliate programs. Do some research and you will be able to find products and services suited to your tastes.

OK… Let’s address those fears mentioned earlier. The first one is lack of capital to invest in your new home business venture. Because of the very low start-up costs relating to an Affiliate Marketing business this is really a non-issue. The funds needed are so small you can start with a credit card if necessary. Remember, your start-up costs might be ZERO. The Second fear, nervous about the potential loss of security if you leave your present job, is one you will have to deal with. You can either take the risk and quit your job, or a much better way might be to start your new home business on a part time basis while keeping you present job. This is the conservative approach and the approach I recommend.

Once you get going you will probably want to build a web site to promote your products and/or services. Initially, you can get by using the sales page offered by those companies you are an affiliate for. Once you do have a website of your own, you will want to be sure and monetize it. That is, you will want to do everything you can to enable your site to make money in addition to and apart from the products and services you are offering. You will be using things like Google AdSense and “Text word ads.” You may even want to consider selling some space to others for them to run their banner ads.

There are a lot of people making a good living via Affiliate Marketing and, with a little effort, you can too! The longest journey starts with the first step. Isn’t it time you take the step towards financial independence?

Source by Wayne Weeks

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